The History Project

Project Purpose

Utilize transportation elements and digital methods to convey the history of the 4th Street/Prater Way corridor to the public. From the early development of Reno and Sparks to the bustling days of the Lincoln Highway and U.S. 40, the 4th Street/Prater Way corridor has played a central role in the region’s economy and culture for more than a century. Telling the story of this historic thoroughfare both along the street and through digital means can help connect the past and present, strengthening the corridor’s identity as well as a sense of community for those who live, work and visit there.

Project Outcome

Integrate the history of 4th Street/Prater Way into the transportation system and the community.

  • Design bus shelter graphics and displays that express the history of the corridor
  • Design and install historically themed displays in the Reno and Sparks transit stations (RTC 4TH STREET STATION and RTC CENTENNIAL PLAZA)4th Street Station display
  • Create an Internet portal for learning about the history and culture of the corridor4th-Prater home page
  • Develop historical content about the corridor for Reno and Sparks smart phone apps
    • Reno Historical is a free mobile app that puts Reno history at your fingertips, allowing you to explore the people, places, and moments that have shaped the city’s history. Learn about the history of Reno through layered, map-based, multimedia presentations, use social media to share your stories, and experience curated historical tours of the city. It is a work in progress, so be sure to check in frequently for new tours and stories, such as the East 4th Street Walking Tour.
    • A new iPhone and Android app that brings to life the rich history of Sparks, Nevada is now available for free in Apple’s iTunes Store and at Google Play. Called “Sparks NV Historic Tours,” the app is the result of over twenty years of work and research by the volunteers of the Sparks Heritage Museum.  The Sparks app will have a Prater Way tour soon.

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Check out the 4th Street | Prater Way History Project Facebook Page for continual updates!!/4thPraterHistory

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