We need your input!

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4 Responses to We need your input!

  1. Cindy Ainsworth says:

    C. has more of an industrial look of the area while sharing the past.

  2. Andon Major Dansie says:

    B : because the walls are functional and 44th st is needing substantial acetecual substance in public bus stops. The breezy types are more painful to wait at for the safe bus ride you , I , we want.

  3. Erik Holland says:

    Unless this is a grant that can only be spend on stations, I think the money should be spent on extending bus service to Cold Springs, Spanish Springs, and the far south of Reno. If it is a grant that can only be spent on stations, I just wish some mural opportunities could open up. These are predetermined images….

  4. Barbara says:

    I feel there should be bus service from Gardnerville to Reno and go to Cold Springs and Spanish Springs as well. We are the biggest little city. We have grown and we keep getting bigger each year with our population especially with big companies moving here, we have to accommodate.

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